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Watch infusion testing live at the International Plowing Match & Rural Expo 2022

Watch infusion testing live at the International Plowing Match & Rural Expo 2022

Plowing matches have been a part of Ontario’s history since the 19th century, even before the Ontario Plowmen’s Association was formed in 1911. The first international plowing match was held in 1913 at Sunnybrook farm near Toronto, and has been a much-loved annual event ever since. Since inception, only World War II and the Covid-19 pandemic have been able to interrupt the event. 

This year, with ample precaution in place, the 103rd edition of the International Plowing Match & Rural Expo is being held in the Municipality of North Grenville (United Counties of Leeds-Grenville) at Kemptville, Ontario, and will run till Saturday 24th September, 2022. 

While not as exciting as the plowing match, the Rural Expo is an important part of the event, especially with growers looking for innovative ways to boost yield, production, and margins. 

At this year’s Rural Expo, delegates will have access to a lot of interesting information from a variety of innovative companies. CO2 GRO will be among those – with its team carrying out research on a greenhouse in the area. 

CO2 GRO uses an aqueous CO2 solution to boost CO2 uptake in plants more efficiently which improves yield and combats pathogens such as powdery mildew naturally. 

The aqueous CO2 solution is delivered via a system which infuses the CO2 gas into the water. At the greenhouse in Kemptville, CO2 GRO’s team will be using sophisticated technology to monitor the rate of infusion in conjunction with the rate of saturation to establish a relationship between the two. 

To reach a scientific conclusion, the team will carry out a series of tests this week and aim to establish a flatline on the graph in the shortest time possible. 

In the coming weeks, tests to determine the impact of pH levels & the hardness of water on infusion rates will also be carried out. 

Together, they will provide a better understanding of the infusion mechanism to help those using CO2 GRO’s system to create the aqueous CO2 solution in the most efficient way possible, with the least amount of CO2 and the least amount of energy. 

Since the team works with a variety of greenhouses, many of which are not high-tech and do not have modern capabilities, it uses a lot of creativity in the way it designs for its customers. 

To carry out the infusion tests, for example, the team will be using sophisticated equipment that helps measure the saturation of CO2 in water. However, since customers may not have access to such equipment, the team is also establishing the relationship using an oxygen probe which is significantly cheaper and can be used with little to no experience.  

The oxygen probe serves as a proxy to determine the level of CO2 in water – the concentration of oxygen starts at 50% and usually, as CO2 is infused into the water and oxygen is pushed out, the level of oxygen falls to less than 5%. 

While the International Plowing Match & Rural Expo 2022 will wrap up by the end of the week, CO2 GRO will remain in Kemptville. If anyone is keen to learn more about the systems or see the research in-person, drop a note to our team now.

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