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Have you checked out CO2 GRO’s new digital experience?

Have you checked out CO2 GRO’s new digital experience?

In the digital era, people want access to information at their fingertips. They want to stay in the loop and be clued-in to things happening around them. In light of this, to better communicate with CO2 GRO’s customers and investors, we’ve created a brand-new digital experience that integrates across the length and breadth of our value chain. 

Our new website, which is the centerpiece of our new digital experience, is built on the cloud using world-class infrastructure and leverages best-in-class security at every stage.  

Accessible on www.es.co2gro.ca, it is designed to serve a multitude of stakeholders. Whether you want to learn about our value proposition, check out technology and how it works, get a glimpse into our work with some of the leading protected grow facilities around the world, or just read our press releases, our website has you covered. 

Given the pace of growth we experience, our team is committed to keeping our stakeholders updated as we work with new growers and scale new markets every week.  

To take everyone along with us on this journey, we’ll be posting new content frequently to give growers more information about what we’re doing, how our technology helps them, what results we’re seeing from our trials, what we’re doing to make it easy for them to access our technology, and more.  

This content will not just be in the form of blogposts or press releases, expect to see in-house videos featuring our management and executives, podcasts featuring partners and customers, infographics illustrating complex ideas in a simple way, and more. 

As mentioned previously, the website is just one part of the new digital experience we’re creating. We’ve made sure to extend its functionality to ensure interactions with visitors don’t end as soon as they leave our website.  

For example, if you reach out to us using any of the forms on our website now, we’ve carefully crafted auto-response messages that forecast your purpose of reaching out and offer access to resources that will answer important questions while you wait for one of our team members to get back to you. 

If you’re a grower, chances are that you no longer need to submit data manually using spreadsheets over emails or via printed forms anymore.  

Thanks to our new digital experience, you should be able to send data to CO2 GRO right from your mobile device, using secure pages on our website. Please reach out to our Data Manager Mark Young for links or to make requests for new features that could simplify your data sharing tasks. 

Also, part of our new digital experience is our newsletter “C-Stainable”.  

C-Stainable is a word we trademarked recently to symbolize the efforts that growers are making to sustainably reduce their carbon footprint.  

Our CEO sent out the inaugural edition last month to an incredibly strong community of stakeholders, many of whom appreciated the efforts we’re putting in to keep them informed and in the loop. Our second edition is coming soon. If you haven’t already subscribed, make sure you head to www.es.co2gro.ca/index.php/newsletters to sign up quickly and also to check out our July edition. 

Finally, we’ve also made significant effort to breathe new life into our social media channels to make them more engaging for our followers. Check us out on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook now. 

CO2 GRO is constantly innovating and this digital experience we’ve built is just the start of all the exciting things to come. The next couple of months will bring in incredible opportunities for us to scale up, allowing us to create amazing results for ourselves, our investors, and most importantly – for the growers managing the 800 billion sq. ft. of covered crop facilities worldwide. Stay tuned.  

If you have any questions about our digital experience, website, newsletter, or social media channels, please reach out to our Director of Marketing, Communications, and Investor Relations Soumik Roy now on ir@co2gro.ca  

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